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Reviews for Metro Car Care Tire Pros

Wonderful experience! Excellent customer service! Kirk and his staff go above and beyond in order to insure that the customer has a safe and secure driving experience. I'm recommending Metro Car Care to anyone I know who needs automotive services.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 16, 2017
I have a vintage car and Kirk took special care to see that it was taken care of. Excellent service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 9, 2017
As always, my experience at Metro Car Care was fantastic. Communication is always prompt and thorough, and I was happy with the quality of the work they did on our Mazda CX-9.
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 18, 2017
Kirk and company are always amazing. They keep me informed as to what work is really needed. I have trusted these folks for 10 years.
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 18, 2017
Love you guys!!!! Always excellent service with a smile!
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 6, 2017
Always thorough, pleasant and efficient. We take our 4 vehicles there as well and the business vehicles. We would recommend Metro Car Care to anyone!
Thank You,
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 3, 2017
friendly, efficient, great prices
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 22, 2017
Thanks for the quick and speedy service (changing a burnt headlight).... while I waited (not very long)
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 20, 2017
It is great to know that the team at Metro gives the best service and takes good care of me and my car! I love having an honest mechanic who consults with me to make sure all is well and I am safe on the road.Kurt and his crew are the best.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 6, 2017
They did the work in a timely manner and I will return when needed.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 30, 2017
Honest, Helpful, Courteous, Pleasant, Best Value for my $
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 23, 2017
Excellent work as always. Made coolant system repairs to one of our Ford work vans. Ready when they said it would be and at the price quoted. Provided a loaner van which helped a lot. Nice work!
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 3, 2017
No complaints.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 23, 2017
Always very helpful when it comes to fixing my vehicle.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 12, 2017
I really love taking my car to them. Not only do I not have to worry that they will miss something, but I trust that they won't make up problems just to get more money. They're friendly and knowledgeable and just great.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 1, 2017
Amazing service. Great staff.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 29, 2017
As always, Metro provided prompt, courteous and professional service.The owner, Kirk, also takes the extra time to share his wisdom about making decisions for our older vehicle -- should we keep it, or save our money from unnecessary repairs to purchase a new vehicle. His input and support is always very helpful.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 8, 2017
Honest and knowledgeably thorough.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 7, 2017
Always up front and honest !
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 1, 2017
Metro has been servicing multiple cars that I own for over fifteen years. Always top level service at a fair price!!! Metro is the only place to take your car!
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 1, 2017
Bianca was very efficient, and professional. Her diagnosis was exacting. Her suggested process for the repair was methodical and would result in the least cost to me. Bianca gave me a budget number and a time for completion. The work was on budget and on time. I referred your shop again to a friend yesterday..
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 30, 2016
I always receive excellent service when I bring my car to Metro Car Care. The quality of care is very good, and the prices are reasonable. I would highly recommend this business for auto maintenance.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 29, 2016
Fast, reliable, thorough and they explain everything - best shop in SW Portland.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 22, 2016
Fantastic service, and on a snow-day to boot! Thanks
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 11, 2016
Thank you for the great service. I had concerns about a squeeky belt and didn't feel pressured or rushed into an expensive repair. You found the belt and noted the noise but since the belt wasn't frayed, I appreciate your honesty and will be back to fix it next month.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 30, 2016
Thank you for the great service. I had concerns about a squeeky belt and didn't feel pressured or rushed into an expensive repair. You found the belt and noted the noise but since the belt wasn't frayed, I appreciate your honesty and will be back to fix it next month.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 30, 2016
The service was excellent as always!
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 29, 2016
Kurt was very helpful and assisted us the eve of the holiday. Appreciate his help and expertise.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 28, 2016
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 6, 2016
I've been bringing my cars there for years now for service, tires, oil changes and won't go or recommend anywhere else !
Kirk and his crew are friendly, knowledgeable and explain all the options so even a non car guy like myself can understand.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 1, 2016
Vehicle repairs done fast, correct and highly professional! Very happy.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 1, 2016
Organized and efficient. Thank you!
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 25, 2016
We have been taking our cars to Metro for nearly a decade. Kirk and his crew are wonderful, reliable, and knowledgeable. They take the time to explain things. They are always willing to accommodate busy lives. And, we trust them with all of our car needs. Kirk runs his business with modern technology, but with old-fashioned values and integrity. We highly recommend Metro Car Care.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 14, 2016
Another great service by the folks at Metro Care Care. Thank You Guys. You have always taken care of us.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 30, 2016
Everything that was worked on is fixed,no problems so far.
I am a satisfied.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 21, 2016
The people at Metro Car Care are thorough, up front about prices and are always pleasant.
I would recommend them to anyone expecting integrity of and quality of workmanship.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 18, 2016
Bianca is always ready to jump in and take care of any repairs. I appreciate the customer service she provides
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 13, 2016
Friendly, reliable, fast service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 31, 2016
Kirk and his team always provide excellent service, including adhering to the time slots reserved. We would not take our cars for service anywhere else.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 28, 2016
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 25, 2016
Thanks to Metro for coming to my rescue again! They were able to get my bent rim fixed very quickly and found another tire to match the other 3 and the tire was still under warranty. Metro always keeps me informed and they have fast service and do quality work. I refer all the time because Kurt and crew make me feel safe and secure. They take very good care of me and my family. We know they will do their best and they do quality work without breaking your budget.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 24, 2016
Work done on time and with good quality.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 9, 2016
Kirk and Metro Car Care are awesome!!
They provide a loaner while working on my car.
Bianca is also awesome! Knows her stuff!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 31, 2016
Good friendly people who do good work.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 31, 2016
Bianca was very helpful with a trivial but real problem, our license plate getting ripped off the mount by the carwash brushes.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 28, 2016
The staff are warm and truly care for their customers and look at them as long term clients.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 14, 2016
Excellent as always. Prompt and at a fair cost.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 14, 2016
Great! As always.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 14, 2016
Done well and efficiently.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 10, 2016
Very helpful and realistic, which is greatly appreciated. Had them inspect a truck I was looking to buy and they gave me honest & meaningful feedback.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 28, 2016
As always, you are considerate and take care of mycar.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 17, 2016
Always courteous and professional service. Expert advice and work!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 15, 2016
Very helpful people.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 22, 2016